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The Future for Advertising?

Updated: May 3, 2018

Where do you see a career in advertising in the year 2038?

In my opinion, the focus of advertising will be drastically changed by 2038. With the rise of social media, streaming, and the decline in print ad revenue (Tony Silber, 2016), advertisement will become almost completely electronically. This will mean that static media will become a thing of the past, and there will be a great increase in the use of graphics and motion pictures.

Applying for a job in advertising in 2038 will become more select. One would need a greater amount of experience in editing software than the average applicant today, due to adverts being more than just an image.

Adverts will become more consumer based. Currently, there is a frustration with how adverts appear to the social media user; they are too frequent, irrelevant, and annoying. Facebook, as an example, has adverts appearing before many videos that are shared on the social media site, and the user has to watch this advert in order to continue watching the video. This will hopefully change by 2038. With the increase in technology and easier access to user data, adverts will become more personalised and will cater to the users interests and needs.

The increase of advertising has also caused some distrust; some consumers believe that if a product needs to be so heavily advertised, then it can’t be a great product. In order to resolve this, some brands have paid “vloggers” and social media influencers to promote their products. This can encourage the user to buy the product as someone familiar whom they trust is telling them to buy the product. I predict that by 2038 there will be a great increase in this advertisement method.

(TONY SILBER, 2016. The Untold Story of How Magazine Media is Winning [viewed 20 February 2018]. Available from

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